Getting a Nice Design on My Nails

I was looking for a new place to get a manicure and pedicure in Singapore. I figured the best way to find one was to look on social media. Any nail salon that is going to promote itself will have tons of pictures of their work on various social media sites, and I wanted to see what each one had to offer before going in. I did not want to spend good money by being a guinea pig, so I figured checking out their nail pictures on social media would ensure that I was anything but that.

I looked at several different shops, and I really did not see any pictures that were bad. That makes sense though because what kind of nail salon would put just average pictures in order to attract new customers? However, there was one shop where I felt their nail pictures were just of a better quality. I liked that they had a wide variety of simple to the more extreme. Even the extreme ones, which I knew I would never get, were still done very tastefully. I just am not that bold to go out and make a statement like that, but I am glad that others are!

When I came across one certain picture, I knew that I was going to make an appointment there and get the same pattern done. Four of the nails were done in just a basic color, but the fifth nail had the backside of a bunny rabbit covering the entire nail. I fell in love with that instantly. The solid color on the other nails was blue, but I had mine done in a mauve color to match an outfit that I was wearing later in the week. That trip was my first, but it has not been my last!