5 great reasons to choose a light coloured floor

So you want to re-invigorate your room by replacing the floor but you are not sure what colour to choose? This article looks at the reasons to opt for a light-coloured floor.

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A Light Floor Just ‘Goes’ Better

Sometimes a light floor just makes sense – for example, in instances where a dark floor would be too jarring with the existing wall colour.

Making the Room ‘Brighter’

A light floor can make a room appear brighter overall. This is partly to do with the fact that it will reflect more light. If lightening the room is your aim, then white laminate flooring could be perfect for you.

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Easier Maintenance

Dust doesn’t show up on a light floor like it would on a dark floor. Scratches show up less on a light floor too. From the reverse perspective, dark deposits such as mud will show up clearly, meaning you can deal with them before they accumulate.

According to the Contract Flooring Association, light-coloured flooring is often used to simulate natural materials.

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Versatile for Décor Purposes

You may be surprised how many décor options look good with light flooring. You can look at matching light-coloured flooring options with smaller dark colours to create patterns or to draw attention to certain areas of the room.