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Difference Between CBD And CBG

The market these days is buzzing with products containing CBD in one form or another. People are fully aware of the countless benefits CBD oil and other product can have on our mental and physical health (for the most part). 

But CBD is not the only beneficial cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant. Are you surprised by this revelation?

This, in fact, is true. Another effective compound that is now being identified and studied by scientists is cannabigerol (CBG). 

What is CBG Oil? And what is the underlying difference between CBD and CBG? Check out the content below to learn about these two components.

What Is CBD & Its Benefits

CBD is a well-known cannabinoid found in the hemp plant with a concentration level of about 10-16%. Being non-intoxicating in nature, it is widely used by infusing it in different products, including CBD oil, CBD gummies, and even …